Natural Stone Remnants

Majestic Stone Imports has a variety of stone remnants located at our downtown Indianapolis facility. Remnants are sections of stone slabs that remain unused from larger jobs, such as kitchens & commercial projects. Remnant inventory changes daily with the materials we are currently fabricating, and includes granite, marble, quartz, and eco-friendly products.

Natural stone remnants can be used for a variety of indoor & outdoor projects. Common remnant uses include bathroom vanities, shower thresholds & benches, and small kitchen islands. Other great uses for remnants are tabletops & desks, wall caps & windowsills, fireplace hearths & mantelpieces, and grill surrounds.

Typically, remnants are not ideal for full kitchen remodel projects. It may be possible to fabricate kitchen countertops from remnants depending on the layout of the kitchen. Small galley kitchens or mini-bars may be able to utilize granite remnants; however, there are several factors to consider that will limit your ability to use remnants.

Remnant material is typically not large enough for a full kitchen project. You will be limited to frequently used colors to select from, and you may have to color-match granite from different slabs to complete the project. If your kitchen layout requires pieces to be seamed, this is considered a standard kitchen installation and does not qualify as a remnant project. You are welcome to contact us with your project details for further information.

Our warehouse is open Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm, with our last appointment availability at 4pm. Please contact us to come view our remnant selection.


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