How often should Granite Countertops be Sealed?


Ice Brown Granite Kitchen by Majestic Stone Imports

There is a lot of misinformation regarding if and how often granite countertops need to be sealed. A basic internet search will result in a variety of answers, stating granite should be re-sealed from twice a year to once every couple of years.

According to the Marble Institute of America, most granite countertops do not need to be sealed; however, sealing will help the stone resist dirt and spills that can lead to etching and staining. Granite is a naturally moisture-resistant material; however, since it is also porous, sealants will help block liquids from seeping into the stone. You can tell that a granite countertop has been properly sealed when water and oil-based liquids will bead up on the surface.

All Majestic Stone Imports countertops are sealed with Dry-Treat impregnating sealer at installation. This sealer is in addition to the resin treatment applied during the manufacturing process. The sealer penetrates the stone and permanently bonds inside the countertops, protecting against water and oil-based stains. Dry-Treat is designed for indoor and outdoor use, and offers a 15-year warranty. After 15 years, you may or may not need to get your tops resealed. If you need your tops resealed, please contact us to professionally re-seal them.


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