Where are we located?
Majestic Stone Imports is located near downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. We install projects throughout Indiana and the Midwest.

Where can I view material?
Our warehouse location stocks a limited selection granite & natural stone slabs. While we work with a variety of materials & colors, we may not stock what you’re looking for at our warehouse.
To view a variety of granite & natural stone selections, we recommend you visit one of our local suppliers, or contact us for a recommendation. Current clients may view their slabs set for fabrication at our warehouse.

What is the cost of granite countertops?
Granite is a beautiful and durable material, making it a popular option for kitchen countertops. The material used, as well as the size of the kitchen, will influence the cost. Natural shades of browns and greens will offer the best value, whereas more rare colors will reflect an increase in cost. Every project is unique; please contact us today for a custom quote.

How long will I be without a working kitchen?
After your installation appointment you will typically be without a working kitchen for 24 hours. Once your countertops are installed the plumbing reconnection can be completed after 24 hours.
The size & complexity of your job will determine how long you will be without a working kitchen. Clients with new cabinets or extensive remodeling will have a longer project timeline than those who are only replacing current countertops.

Will Majestic Stone Imports complete my plumbing hookup?
No, Majestic Stone Imports does not offer plumbing hookup services. During your installation appointment we will disconnect the plumbing and install the sink. We recommend that you wait 24 hours before reattaching your plumbing.

How are granite countertops sealed?
All Majestic Stone Imports countertops are sealed using Dry-Treat impregnating sealer, in addition to the resin treatment applied during manufacturing. The sealer penetrates the stone and permanently bonds inside the countertops, protecting against water and oil-based stains. Dry-Treat is designed or indoor and outdoor use, and offers a 15-year performance warranty. Sealing granite countertops provides a long-lasting protection against surface staining and makes cleaning and maintaining the tops easier.

How often do granite countertops need to be sealed?
All Majestic Stone Imports countertops are sealed with a 15-year sealer at installation. Your granite countertops will need to be professionally re-sealed after 15 years. For more information on sealing granite, please view our article on the subject.

Will my granite countertops have a seam?
Most kitchen countertops will require a seam, depending on the layout of the kitchen and the size of the selected material. Seam placement is determined at the time of template. During fabrication and installation, we work to color-match the material and minimize the appearance of seams.

Can I put hot pans directly on my granite countertops?
While granite is naturally heat resistant, we do not recommend you place anything hot directly on your countertop. Always protect your countertops by using trivets for your pots and pans.

Can I cut directly on my granite countertops?
We do not recommend that you cut directly on your new granite countertops. Granite is an extremely hard surface and will dull your knife blades.

Can I get a granite cutting board?
Granite is not an ideal material for a cutting board. It is a very hard surface, and will dull your knife blades. Granite is very dense; even a modest-sized cutting board will weigh upwards of 25 pounds.
If you do elect to purchase a granite cutting board, you will need to put felt on the bottom of the piece. Granite is a scratch-resistant material, but granite rubbing against granite will scratch your countertops.

Can I keep the scrap material from the slab that is being used for my job?
All excess waste material is the property of Majestic Stone Imports. Waste material may include any unused stone, sink & cook top cutouts. All customer requests for additional material will be considered, but may be subject to additional charges for cutting & polishing.

Can I use remnants for my kitchen?
Depending on the layout of your kitchen, it may be possible to fabricate your countertops from remnant pieces. Small galley-style kitchens may be able to utilize granite remnants; however, there are several limitations to consider.
If your kitchen layout requires pieces to be seamed together, this is considered a standard kitchen installation and does not qualify as a remnant project. Typically remnant material is not large enough for a kitchen project. You will be limited to select from our most frequently used colors, and we may have to color-match granite from multiple remnants to complete the project. You are welcome to contact us with your project details for further information. For more detailed information on remnants, please view our article on the subject.

Have a question that isn’t addressed here? Please feel free to contact us, or visit the Marble Institute of America website for in-depth information on natural stone.


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