Once the digital field measure is on file, we will start fabricating your job. Typically, there is a minimum of 15 days between template and installation. The time between your template and installation appointments will vary based of material availability, the current schedule, and other factors.

Once your countertops have been completely fabricated, we install them in your home. Installation appointments are typically 2-4 hours, and will vary one the size and complexity of your project.

Before installation, you will want to clear a path to easily access the areas of your home where we will be working. If you have not hired Majestic Stone Imports to remove your current counter tops, you will need to ensure they are removed prior to your installation appointment.

Majestic Stone Imports does not reconnect plumbing, and you will need to schedule for a plumber. We recommend waiting 24 hours after installation prior to plumbing hook up.

Prior to Installation:

  • Remove your countertops, unless you have hired Majestic Stone to do so.
  • Clear path to easily access the areas where the installation crew will be working in your home.
  • Sink(s) on location.
  • Faucet(s) on location.*
  • Schedule plumber to reattach plumbing. We recommend waiting 24 hours before hooking up the plumbing.

*Majestic Stone Imports does not offer plumbing services, but we will verify the faucet(s) fit in the drilled holes in the countertop.

Installation Appointment:

  • Installation times vary, and jobs can take longer or shorter amounts of time than anticipated. For this reason, Majestic Stone will provide a window for arrival time.
  • Majestic Stone will install your countertops & attach your sinks(s).