Template – FAQs

Do I need to be present at my template appointment?
Yes! During template, Majestic Stone will review all aspects of your project. Your granite countertop is custom cut to fit your specific kitchen. During your template appointment, you will review, confirm, & sign-off on all aspects of your project.

What do I need to have ready for my template appointment?

  1. All base cabinets are installed, secured, & level
  2. Select a faucet
  3. Select a sink
  4. Install farm sink in cabinet
  5. Clear off your countertops. Make sure all areas are easy to access.
  6. Have make & model numbers ready for: faucet, sink, & appliances.

What happens during the template appointment?
At the template appointment, all base cabinets will be measured. From these measurements Majestic will cut the stone. We will also review all aspects of your project with you, such as:

  1. Faucet hole placement
  2. Sink placement
  3. Overhang length
  4. Backsplash height
  5. Color selection
  6. Edge profile
  7. Seam locations discussed
  8. Supports discussed as needed
  9. Placement of arcs, clips, & other cut outs
  10. All other aspects of the project

Do I need to remove my countertops before template?
No, you do not need to remove your existing countertops for your template appointment. Majestic Stone measures all installed base cabinets to get the correct measurements for your new countertops. For this reason, all base cabinets must be completely installed at template.

What kind of cut out will my undermount sink have?
There are three types of undermount sink cut outs: positive reveals, negative reveals, & flush mount. The sinks offered through Majestic Stone have a negative reveal.

Sink cutout specs are determined by the manufacturer, & cannot be altered by Majestic Stone. If you have a question about your sink cut out, our staff can review the manufacturer’s specifications with you at template.

Will the granite countertops have a sharp corner?
No, your countertops will not have a sharp corner. Majestic’s standard is a 1″ radius on all corners.

When does Majestic cut the countertops?
Once your approved template is on file, Majestic can cut your countertops at any time. In general, jobs are cut 3-5 days before installation. Your job will then move into the polishing phase. Polishing is usually complete 1-2 days before installation.